JEMKO Solenoid Valves, Petroleum Equipment Services & PA DEP Inspections

JEMKO’s Solenoid Valves for Anti-Siphon Control

JEMKO’s solenoid valves have been used for anti-siphon control on above ground storage tanks in the petroleum equipment industry for over 40 years. JEMKO’s valves are UL listed for hazardous locations and can also be mounted in any position and attitude. JEMKO offers the following valves for anti-siphon control, fluid control, and larger bulk plant applications:

  • 20 Series Solenoid Valves
  • 108 Series Solenoid Valves
  • 115 Series Solenoid Valves

Since 1958, JEMKO’s valves​​ are have been assembled and 100% factory tested, enforcing our goal to exceed our customer's expectations in everything we do.

Providing Petroleum Equipment Services to Maintain PA DEP Compliance

JEMKO provides petroleum equipment services for tanks, dispensing equipment, fuel control, lighting, and canopies for C-stores, commercial and industrial customers, and more. Since 1958, JEMKO has been providing petroleum equipment services for applications ranging from smaller installations like utility, municipality, and fleet fueling installations to larger installations like retail and C-store applications. JEMKO’s experienced and highly qualified staff of technicians are certified in the following for providing petroleum equipment services:

  • PA DEP certifications for both above and underground storage tank installations and removals (UMR, UMX, AMR, AMMX, AMEX, ACVL, UTT & IUM)
  • Veeder-Root TLS 350 & 450 tank monitors
  • PA Weights & Measures

With our experience and resources within the petroleum equipment industry, we have the capabilities to work within the specific demands of the customers, installing petroleum equipment that best fits our client’s needs.

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